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Jo Toader

SEO & Content Marketing

Currently focusing on SEO and blogger outreach within the Marketing department at boohoo.com. I look after the US site, making sure the landing pages are up to speed, identifying new growth opportunities and supporting main brand activations through blogger campaigns.

My greatest achievement to date is creating Wayfair UK’s most successful linkbait campaign, which gained more than 100 unique backlinks. Features include the LA Times , Associated Press, Condé Nast Traveler, Get Surrey, Britain Magazine and many other US and UK news outlets via AP syndication.

Before coming to London in September 2015, I spent a little more than a year in Germany, around the Düsseldorf area. That's where I got my first job, at the online hotel comparison website, trivago. After that, I gained an interest in SEO and started experimenting with my own websites for a couple of months, which enabled me to start my career in SEO at a small German wallpaper and flooring retailer.

I am a photography enthusiast, so I enjoy experimenting with the camera myself, but I am mostly interested in the technology behind photography and in learning as much as I can about the topic.

Ioana Toader

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Ioana Toader

My Skills

I can say I am quite good at

Content Marketing

I research and produce linkbait campaigns.


I work with and assist the PR, Content and Social teams.


I'm good at writing high-quality on-page SEO copy as well as great editorial content.

Research & analysis

I can easily find patterns and interpret data.


Wordpress, Magento, great understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.


AHREFS, Majestic, SERPS, Searchmetrics, Moz, Google Search Console, Analytics, Keyword Planner.

For a more detailed list of skills please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Work Experience

This is what I have done so far.
September 2016

boohoo.com[open in new tab]

SEO & Content Marketing Executive

• Blogger campaigns, prospecting and outreach
• Liaising with other teams and/or brands for partnerships;
• Weekly channel and ranking reports, seasonality analyses;
• Monitoring rankings to identify issues and coming up with solutions to improve performance;
• Keyword research & monitoring competitor performance;
• Writing on-page copy and meta titles & descriptions;
• Identifying opportunities to create new pages;
• Flagging other site issues that could affect performance to the technical SEO lead;
• Supporting on other markets when needed (eg: Nasty Gal);
• Writing articles for the Boohoo blog;
• Briefing & working with the Creative team on content assets;

September 2015
September 2016

Wayfair UK[open in new tab]

SEO & Online Creative Content Executive

• Researching, managing and developing linkbait campaigns
• Writing and editing blog content
• Photography
• Content seeding
• Blogger outreach
• Writing SEO-friendly content
• Reporting

Here are some of my projects and the articles I wrote to accompany them:

June 2015
September 2015

BRICOFLOR UK[open in new tab]

SEO Executive

Started by doing content optimization and writing texts for the online shop in order to improve Bricoflor's rankings. Managed the social media accounts and updated all the different profiles and channels so they all conveyed the same brand message. Created and shared content on the shop's blog and social media, wrote product and category texts on the online shop and monitored the website for SEO.

Writing samples (located at the bottom of the page, except for the blog entry):

July 2014
January 2015

trivago [open in new tab]

Web Content - Images & Videos Assistant

Working with the internal trivago content management tools, I took care of visual content - picture collages and image inventories. I optimised the content for the most important items, reported bugs and kept in close contact with other members of the team working with images, so I could help them with any queries or problems they had. I also organised regular workshops with new team members to introduce them to the tools and with existing team members, in order to share tips and ensure a high quality of their work. I also did research, quality checks and searched for new features that were good for expanding the visual content on trivago.

One of the most notable projects I worked on was recruiting photographers around Germany to send to 8 small and medium locations around the country in order to take photos of hotels without any images in our inventories. Communication and negotiation were essential in order to bring together the hotels and the photographers, making sure their needs were met and that trivago's interests were respected while getting the project running. The project also required good organisational and time management skills for keeping track of done versus upcoming appointments, contracts, receiving and assessing the quality of the photos and finally managing the payment process, from invoice creation to approvals.

March 2014
April 2014

Cook, Eat, Clean, Repeat [open in new tab]

Producer, Website and Social Media Manager, Cinematographer, Presenter

As part of the Multiplatform Production module my team and I created a cooking show and a whole host of content around it. I took on the Producer role by organising meetings and managing the production of content for the show and the website, while making sure our productions were to a certain standard and that we were respecting the guidelines of the assignment. Furthermore, I developed the website using the Wordpress CMS on a pre-existing theme which I then adapted to our purposes. I integrated social media within the site and also managed all the social media accounts. As for the shows, I presented the first episode, while operating a Canon EOS M for filming the other three episodes and all the extra material. You can access all the audio-visual material here.

February 2008
March 2011

ID:MONNET [open in new tab]


This was my high school's monthly magazine, done entirely by students and published by PubliMedia International. My duties involved choosing material for each issue, assigning jobs to the other people involved, making sure deadlines were met, organising photo shoots (either on location or at the publisher's studio and with/without make-up & hair, depending on the subject), writing an editorial for every issue plus other articles and sections and checking every piece of writing to make sure they met the standards required. Furthermore, I worked closely with the Art Director in terms of layout, visual material and colour schemes and had to be prepared for readjusting articles in case of a lack of space or too much space within the pages.I also kept in touch with the Editorial Director for administrative purposes, such as the number of pages, the number of issues, deadlines, special issues with freebies and magazine financing.


My academic qualifications
Sept. 2011
June 2014

B.A. Media and Commuication Studies - 1st class Honours degree

Aberystwyth University

This was a degree within the Theatre, Film and Television Studies Department, giving me the chance to also take modules within Film Studies rather than just Communication. Furthermore, I acquired hands-on experience with more practical modules such as Media and Television Production. The areas I developed through my studies include Semiotics, Visual and Bodily Communication, Film and Star Studies, Social Media and Multi-platform production.

Sept. 2007
June 2011

Baccalaureate Diploma - Mathematics & Computer Science

Jean Monnet Theoretical High School, Bucharest, Romania

My studies in high school revolved around science, with subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology taking uo most of the timetable. However, I took an interest in English and studied it at a private school from 2002 until  2010. I graduated as Chief of Promotion with an average of 99.7%. I took part in the English Olympiad every year, obtaining either the 1st prize (2009, 2010, 2011) or the 2nd (2008) in the county stage (Bucharest), making the national stage in 2009 and scoring 100 pts. in the Speaking Section of the nationals. I was part of the High School's team for the Euroscola project in Strasbourg. My achievemnts within the project included the responsibility of introducing our team and my being elected Rapporteur by the Working Commission I was part of on the day in the European Parliament.


This is how I explore my creativity. If you want to see more check my Talenthouse profile, my Instagram profile or my EyeEm profile.
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